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Cancer Disparities

Harvard Catalyst Pilot Funding Now Available

Harvard Catalyst Pilot Funding: Now Available at catalyst.harvard.edu/resources.html

The Harvard Catalyst is a pan-University collaborative effort committed to harnessing the human, technological, and fiscal resources of Harvard and its academic healthcare centers (AHCs) to reduce the burden of human illness. We believe that the key elements for success already exist at Harvard. What is missing is a systematic way for investigators from disparate disciplines and institutions to find each other and form teams, to gain open access to tools and technologies, and to obtain seed funding to embark upon new areas of investigation. Uniting to achieve this goal are Harvardís 10 schools and its 18 independent AHCs. This is an unprecedented moment in the history of these institutions.

Visit the Harvard Catalyst website (http://catalyst.harvard.edu ) to learn about cutting-edge applications and resources that might be useful to you, including the first round of PILOT FUNDING. Future releases will improve the present site as well as broaden and deepen the resources available to all Harvard investigators.