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Cancer Disparities

Train the Trainer in Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Manhattan Cross Cultural Group, the creators of the Quality Interactions® online cultural competency training programs, will be offering a full-day Train the Trainer session in Boston on September 21, 2010.

The goals of the session will be to:

  • Understand basics of cultural competence in health care and racial/ethnic disparities with a presentation by Drs. Joseph Betancourt and Alex Green
  • Become familiar with the Patient-Based Approach to Cross-Cultural Care
  • Improve communication skills and cooperation in cross-cultural patient interactions
  • Be able to facilitate training sessions based on the Quality Interactions platform


We are offering a special introductory price if you sign up by July 30, 2010 of $600 for the training session!!

Lunch will be included, as well as materials including the Quality Interactions Facilitator’s Guide. To sign up today or for additional information please contact Sarah Rogalewski at srogalewski@qualityinteractions.org . Thank you!

Meet our Trainers:

Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH
Director, The Disparities Solutions Center
Senior Scientist, Institute for Health Policy
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Program Director of Multicultural Education, Multicultural Affairs Office

Alexander R. Green, MD, MPH
Associate Director, The Disparities Solutions Center
Senior Scientist, Institute for Health Policy
Co-chair, Cross Cultural Care Committee, Harvard Medical School

Vanessa Y. McClinchy M.Ed.
Vanessa Y. McClinchy is widely recognized for her unique ability to engage the creative thinking skills and enthusiasm of staff at every organizational level, by stressing the intrinsic value of their individual and common experience to the pursuit of excellence in the workplace and community. Clients consistently report long term outcomes that exceed their expectations and, as one health center official observed: “a 180-degree turnaround in employee performance”. Described as "a trainer’s trainer… a remarkable professional", she holds a Master of Education degree, with a dual emphasis in Human development and Psychology. She is the author of ‘The McClinchy Personal Inventory ©2003’ and has been a motivational speaker to audiences of all ages, across the continuum of difference.