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Cancer Disparities

NCIís Research to Reality (R2R) Community of Practice

NCI - Research to Reality - R2R: Cyber-Seminar Series

Want to stay up to date on the latest content from NCIís Research to Reality (R2R) community of practice? Sign up for automatic notifications to receive the most recent posts on moving evidence-based programs into practice. These messages will be delivered directly to you and can be adjusted to arrive immediatelyódaily or weekly.

Use R2R notifications to:

  • Keep up with discussions of interest to you
  • Receive announcements about upcoming cyber-seminars
  • Follow the stories and progress of participants in the R2R Mentorship Program
  • Learn when new featured community members/partners are posted and join them in a discussion
  • Be the first to know when new events are added to the R2R calendar

Subscribing is quick and easy with these two options!

1. Email
To receive updates on specific content via email, register on the R2R site and simply look for the green Subscribe button next to your favorite discussions and posts.


2. RSS
To stay up to date on all recent activity on R2R, you can sign up for RSS by pasting this URL into your RSS reader: https://researchtoreality.cancer.gov/rss/?cid=EBr2r_rss

New to RSS? Check out this discussion for a straightforward explanation of RSS feeds: https://researchtoreality.cancer.gov/discussions/rss-three-myths-busted-really-simple-english

For questions about subscribing to notifications from R2R, please contact the Research to Reality Team.

The National Cancer Instituteís Research to Reality (R2R) is an online community of practice that links cancer control practitioners and researchers. R2R extends the work of Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T. by providing opportunities for discussion, learning, and enhanced collaboration.

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