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Cancer Disparities

April is National Minority Health Month



April is National Minority Health Month

From the Office of Minority Health Resource Center
April 3, 2013


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National Minority Health Month Kicks Off

It's April and National Minority Health Month is underway across the nation! This year, the Office of Minority Health and our partners are dedicating the month of April to raising awareness about the remarkable moment of opportunity to advance health equity through the Affordable Care Act. By improving access to quality health care for all Americans, the Affordable Care Act will help reduce health disparities that plague communities of color and result in higher rates of disease and premature death.

This year's theme Advance Health Equity Now: Uniting Our Communities to Bring Health Care Coverage to All is a call to action to improve the health of our communities and increase access to quality, affordable health care for everyone.

Please visit our website to learn more about these efforts during National Minority Health Month, and share these resources with your colleagues and partners. Thank you for your support!

News: Keep up with the latest news features on our website.

  Read the message from OMH Director J. Nadine Gracia kicking off National Minority Health Month.

  View the statement from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on National Minority Health Month.

Social Media: Visit our site for social media content and ideas throughout April.

Events: Planning a Minority Health Month event? Register via our website and we'll post it in the Community Events Calendar.

Share Your Story: Are you doing something innovative and interesting in your community to address health disparities? Share it on our Communities in Action board!

More Tools and Resources:

  Download the official poster.

  Browse our online calendar or post your event.

  View the community engagement toolkit.

  Get social media content. The Twitter hashtag for National Minority Health Month is #ActNow.

  Find education and training tools on the healthcare law from healthcare.gov and marketplace.cms.gov.

  Access fact sheets, brochures and multimedia content.

  Learn more about Offices of Minority Health at HHS.

Give Us Your Feedback: We want to hear from you! Email us at info@minorityhealth.hhs.gov.