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Cancer Disparities

Clinical Trial Engagement Network (CTEN)

Increasing diversity in clinical trials

Increasing diversity in clinical trials

Industry now has a new resource

The bio-pharmaceutical industry now has a novel resource for recruiting minorities into clinical trials – The Clinical Trial Engagement Network (CTEN).

The CTEN provides a cost-effective, results oriented solution for enrolling minorities into clinical trials.

Clinical research teams now have access to a broad range of complementary tools to identify and validate research sites and investigators based on local demographics and disease profile.

Industry research teams can identify where minority patients with a particular disease are located, treated, and potentially enrolled in clinical trials through on-demand acquisition of zip code level disease data. When integrated with the network’s directory of clinical professionals, minority key opinion leaders, patient advocates, and allied stakeholders, industry research teams now have the resources necessary for quickly reaching their recruitment goals.

The CTEN was developed with support from Microsoft and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association.

For detailed information about CTEN, we recommend scheduling a webinar. Please contact Bill Griffith, bgriffith@nmqf.org or Gary Puckrein, gpuckrein@nmqf.org (202.223.7560).