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Cancer Disparities

HRiAction Newsletter - Winter 2014 Edition

The Newsletter of Health Resources in Action, Inc.                                                                                                           Winter 2013

HRiA's 2014 Annual Meeting   

HRiA's recent Annual Meeting featured keynote speaker Dr. David Erickson, Director of the Center for Community Development Investments at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, who highlighted the importance of the public health and community development sectors working collaboratively.


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Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline Connects People with Services   

For tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents struggling with alcohol and other drug related issues, 
1-800-327-5050 is an important number. Since 1996, HRiA has provided free and confidential information and referrals for alcohol and other drug abuse problems. 


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Community Speed Reduction Strategies 


Speed is a factor in one-third of all fatal motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. HRiA recently conducted in-depth research for the CDC into innovative community speed reduction initiatives that address speeding from public health, transportation and environmental engineering perspectives. 


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Streetworkers and Law Enforcement Share Strategies to Reduce Youth Violence 


To reduce youth violence in high-crime communities, police know they need more than arrest warrants and handcuffs. They need to change the attitudes and behaviors of youth already headed down a treacherous path. To do that, they need the help of those who have walked in the same shoes as the youth at risk.


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New Health Training Institute Brings Best Practices to Communities


Public health departments and local health coalitions are often strapped for time and funding when it comes to workforce development. HRiA's Community Health Training Institute is bringing best practices, strategies and tools to these busy professionals.


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Upcoming Webinars:

Life after the CHIP: Measuring Success - data, reporting and accountability
March 20, 3-4pm (ET).

Stay tuned for more information. 

Resources and Publications

A special edition of theNational Civic Review features an article by HRiA staff Steve Ridini, Judi Foley and Shari Sprong: Building Healthy Communities in Massachusetts:Key Ingredients and Lessons Learned.

A recent Policy and Practice Report by Laurie Stillman and Shari Sprong explores the linkages between health and economics: Leveraging Multi-Sector Investments: New Opportunities to Improve the Health and Vitality of Communities.

Website Re-launch

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Asthma Regional Council website (ARC).Click here to learn more about the new website! 

Also head to their Twitter feed @ARC_NE1.

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