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Cancer Disparities

NIH Health Disparities Research PARs have been released

This is the Federal Partnership that CRCHD participated in.

The assigned announcement numbers are PAR-07-379 for the R01 and PAR-07-380 for the R21.

CDC is a collaborator on PAR-07-379.  The health disparities research priorities listed under CDC were derived from input and recommendations provided by you and other colleagues through the Federal Collaboration on Health Disparities Research (FCHDR).  We are already seeing the value of pooling scientific expertise and resources, an important goal of our collaborative activities.

Please distribute widely to your research partners.  If anyone has questions regarding the CDC portion, please have them contact us at 404-639-4621. To help you locate the CDC research priorities, go to the end of section I of PAR-07-379, just before Section II: Award information, then click on the link which will take you to a page on the OBSSR website.  Once there scroll down to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.