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Cancer Disparities

For Researchers

Cancer Incidence Data

Cancer Incidence Data

Monitoring Clinical Trial Accrual by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

The Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities (IECD) works closely with DF/HCC’s clinical teams to reach our primary goal of eliminating racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in cancer care and prevention. This includes coordinating and providing data and strategies to assist DF/HCC investigators in reaching and maintaining appropriate representation by gender, race, ethnicity, and diagnosis.

When submitting protocols for review, all investigators are required to provide target accruals by gender, race, and ethnicity. Appropriate accrual targets should reflect the population being studied and may take into account population-specific risk factors.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) policy for the inclusion of minorities and women in clinical trials indicates that accrual should be proportionate to the cancer patient population in the cancer center’s primary catchment area. NCI defines DF/HCC’s catchment area as Boston.

To assist you in setting appropriate accrual targets, the IECD has compiled data from the Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile (MassCHIP) to provide cancer incidence by gender, race and ethnicity for two geographic regions: Boston and Massachusetts. We also provide data on cancer incidence by primary site of cancer diagnosis, race, and ethnicity for Boston and Massachusetts.

Please note, for studies that address cancer among minority populations, investigators may need to set higher accrual targets than the percentages listed in these tables to have adequate statistical power to discern race/ethnicity-specific effects. It might prove advisable to propose oversampling of targeted minority populations.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact Karen Burns White, IECD Deputy Associate Director.

Cancer Incidence Data by diagnosis
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Cancer Incidence Data by geographic region
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