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Cancer Disparities

For Students

CURE Program

CURE Testimonials

Mentor Testimonials

Dr. Paul Nguyen and CURE student Deborah Ahove

I was impressed with the poster presentations. The posters were well designed, the science was good, and the ability of the students to explain their work was impressive. It felt as if I was at a scientific meeting. 

- Nina Irwin, PhD
Children's Hospital Boston

The [CURE] program is great. The mixture of seminars, journal clubs, and research provide a unique opportunity compared with other summer programs I am familiar with.
- A. Michael Sismour, PhD
Harvard Medical School

We were very impressed with the organization and commitment of the program administration. The final presentations from the students were inspiring and educational, giving us a broader understanding of the scope of research training supported by the program. The program has a number of unique features compared to other summer research programs in which we have previously participated, and it was a pleasure for us to participate.
-Melissa Thomas, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital

Student Testimonials

Expansiveness of CURE

Erick Kamau

In the CURE program, students are able to learn from each other because many of our goals and aspirations are the same. CURE exposes students to many different fields of research, and medicine. I was extremely grateful for all of the talks, speakers, and all of the help given from the program staff.
- Jose Rodrigues 

One strength of the CURE program is that it exposes you to a notable research environment outside of college and enables you to really take part in the actual life of a researcher. The CURE program also allow minority students such as myself to gain confidence in our abilities and potential as scientists which I think is extremely crucial in minimizing the gap. The CURE program also allowed me to students like myself who were interested in science and research thus providing a motivating environment for me to interact with my peers.
-Jessica Pierre Francois 

The CURE program has opened my eyes to opportunities in medicine besides being a doctor or nurse. It gives exposure to people who would otherwise never see what goes on in a research institution. It also allows you to do a project that you can essentially call your own; something you can show years later and say I did that. It also allows you to play a small role in something bigger. All our research environments are centered to somehow benefit the fight against cancer and to feel part of something that big is amazing.
- Romy Tunis  

This summer I got a chance to go into communities and to help prevent colon cancer. I learned the importance and value of public health and how it is important to prevent diseases before they spread. To see people responding to the prevention was exciting. Most importantly, I also learned that in public health you really need to take initiative to work effectively; because that is the personality you need to get things done. I was allowed to do things that I never thought I would be able to do. I felt highly respected by everybody in the Center for Community Based Research.
- Lyne Lucien 

Influencing career choices

My participation in the CURE program has made an impact on both my academic and extracurricular pursuits. This summer, I am putting to use many of the techniques my CURE lab taught me. During the school year, some of the techniques also came in handy during my Molecular Biology Labs.
– Blessing Agunwamba 

My past CURE program participation helped me decide that I wanted to become a double major in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Science in Society. The lab I worked in was working on structural biology, a subset of molecular biology. After hearing some of the speakers talk about outside factors affecting health, like the W. R. Grace chemical dumping in Woburn, and through discussion with some of my fellow participants, I became interested in studying the practice and ethics of science. This is encompassed in the Science and Society program at Wesleyan.
–Bill Kaplan 

The CURE program helped develop my interest in research and also provided a research base to launch an early career in biomedical sciences. So I owe much of where I am today to CURE.
– Erick Kamau 

Going beyond the regular research experience: making important discoveries about oneself

CURE provides hands-on research experience in various types of research including but not limited to basic science and epidemiology. It has given me an experience beyond articulation. My research took place at the Brigham and Women’s Channing Laboratory. It was in the field of chronobiology where we explored the relationship between night shift work/sleeping patterns and breast cancer risk. With this experience, I am now able to apply what I have learned in the classroom. I am so happy to have been a part of this wonderful program and look forward to participating next summer as well. This program has greatly enhanced my interest in research and I am indebted to Ms. Karen, Dr. Steele and Ms. Carla for this amazing opportunity.
- Jeffrey Pierre-Paul 

The speakers have really motivated me to work hard in the upcoming school year not only with the info they provided but also from their inspirational speeches. I also feel the meetings and constant gatherings of the program bring me close to the other students [and] in to feeling like a family.
- Dewar Tan 

CURE is unique in the authenticity of the placements we're placed in. I felt the stress and complications of the work place - which is a great thing. Nothing about my research experience was sugar coated and that's what I loved. I now know and have a clear sense of what I will want to do upon graduating because I experienced the full research experience. It is a great opportunity you can not let pass you by.
- Jeans Santana 

I really loved the [final] presentations, they made my research experience because it gave me a sense of conclusion. I also truly appreciated the staff and the motivated students, who I learned from and some of whom I call my friends. It was an irreplaceable experience and I am very grateful for it.
- Ugo Nduaguba 

I have learned to become more responsible for the actions I take. My competence in speaking with others has been greatly enhanced by the opportunities the CURE program has allowed. I have learned that the opportunities I am seeking to attain are within my reach.
– Ezra Star

If I learned anything at CURE in my assigned lab besides the obvious laboratory skills and amazing exposure to biomedical careers, it is the importance of networking. Networking, networking, networking. The people I meet now are the people who will be leading the field of medicine in the future and keeping communication with these talented researchers and scientists has become a priority. Whether it be a mentor, a fellow student, a program coordinator, or someone I conversed with during a conference.
– Carla Becerra

The CURE experience is currently impacting me in finding many opportunities out there as well as applying to jobs and getting good responses just because I was involved in the CURE program.
– Yewande Adepoju