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Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities

Announcements & Funding

Applications available for ENACCT’s Cancer Clinical Trial Collaborative Learning Network (CCTCLN) to Improve Accrual


What’s New? With ENACCT



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The National Cancer Clinical Trials Collaborative Learning Network (CCTCLN)


Participation in cancer treatment clinical trials is a key measure for delivery of quality cancer care, yet adult trial participation in the U.S. remains under 3%. The Commission on Cancer’s 2015 guidelines requires significant changes in clinical trials accrual, yet sites continue to struggle with inefficient patient enrollment. Because there are few evidence-based practices to help sites achieve higher accrual rates, ENACCT is working to create this evidence through its leadership of the Cancer Clinical Trial Collaborative Learning Network (CCTCLN).


We are pleased to invite sites to apply to the CCTCLN, the Second Generation follow-up to our Pilot Breakthrough Collaborative completed in 2012.  The goal of the CCTCLN is to further the goal of the Pilot: to identify practical, patient-centered approaches to increase accrual overall and, in particular, for patients from ethnic /racial minority groups and those over 65.


For more information about the application process, CLICK HERE