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Webinar: Multilevel Interventions to Increase Physical Activity & Improve Nutrition and Create Change in Communities

Registration Confirmation - R2R Cyber-Seminar: State Cancer Profiles

Multilevel Interventions to Increase Physical Activity & Improve Nutrition and Create Change in Communities


Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 2:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m. ET

Multi-level interventions to improve the health of communities and decrease chronic disease risk are an essential part of cancer control strategies.  The policies, systems, and environments (PSEs) in communities significantly shape lives and impact cancer risk.  PSEs in communities that make healthy choices easy, safe, and affordable can have a positive impact on the way people live, learn, work, and play. Partnerships with community leaders in education, government, transportation, and business are essential in creating sustainable change to reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Our May NCI cyber-seminar will highlight two exciting interventions that are creating healthy communities by implementing policy and environmental changes that have a lasting impact.

ShapingNJ is the state partnership for nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention. The goal of this partnership is to prevent obesity and improve the health of populations that are at risk for poor health outcomes in New Jersey by making "the healthy choice, the easy choice." Peri Nearon, with the New Jersey Department of Health, will discuss how ShapingNJ leveraged a wide array of partners around nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention.

Dr. Melissa Laska's presentation will address key issues related to food access in underserved communities and the impact of access to healthy and unhealthy foods on important health indicators. Her presentation will focus specifically on small food stores and the role that they can play in improving community-level food access, as well as the challenges that need to be addressed when working in these settings.

As always, the last part of the cyber-seminar will be dedicated to your questions. We invite you to engage with the presenters and share  your own experiences.


Peri L. Nearon, MPA

Melissa N. Laska, Ph.D., R.D.

Peri L. Nearon, MPA
Director, External Affairs & Strategic
Initiatives for Chronic Disease
Prevention and Control,
Division of Family Health Services,

Melissa N. Laska, Ph.D., R.D.
Associate Professor,
Division of Epidemiology &
Community Health,
University of Minnesota


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Please click on the following link for more information and to register for this event: https://researchtoreality.cancer.gov/cyber-seminars/multilevel-interventions-increase-physical-activity-improve-nutrition-and-create-chan.
Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the toll free number, web URL, and participant passcode.  This cyber-seminar will be archived on the Research to Reality (R2R) web site at http://researchtoreality.cancer.gov approximately one week following the presentation.


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For more information on the cyber-seminar series please email ResearchtoReality@mail.nih.gov

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