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Clinical Research Support


DF/HCC has purchased a clinical trials management system (CTMS) to automate and integrate clinical trials operations and reporting. OnCore is a leading CTMS provider, with approximately 30 cancer centers already using OnCore.

Why purchase a CTMS for DF/HCC?
OnCore will help DF/HCC investigators, study teams, and clinical trials offices manage their portfolio of protocols, from initial review through trial completion, and manage activities related to individual subjects. Because all protocol information will be retained in a single, centralized database, information will be readily available to investigators and study teams and data will only need to be input once. Lastly, reports and analytics will be available on-demand, helping to monitor trends and issues.

What are the key features of OnCore?
There are eight core components to the OnCore clinical trials management system:

- Protocol and Subject Life Cycle Management
- Subject Safety Management
- Protocol and Subject Calendar Management
- Study Financial Management
- Electronic Data Capture and Data Management (EDC and CDM)
- Paperless Committee Management with ePRMS
- Study Information Portal
- Custom Reporting Technology

Who is leading the OnCore Project for DF/HCC?
This project is a DF/HCC-wide effort. Over 60 faculty and staff from all of the DF/HCC institutions participated in the selection of OnCore. Dozens of individuals are now involved in implementation.

DF/HCC Leadership Team
Jeffrey Clark, Drew Memmott

Executive Sponsors
Dorothy Puhy, Drew Memmott

Workgroup Leaders
Budgeting and Finance: Jim Huse
Clinical Trials Operations: Farah Daftary, Anne Daoust
Satellites, Affiliates, and Multisite Trials: Alyssa Gateman, Farah Daftary
Biostatistics: Paul Catalano, Wendy Magnan
Reports and Metrics: Wendy Magnan
eCommittee Management: Amanda Hammond

Leadership: Jeffrey Kessley, Jomol Matthew, Erica Woulf
Technical Lead: Christopher Miller
Applications: Douglas Buell
Support: Raveen James
QA: Barbara Mackey
Reporting: Jim White
Business Analyst: Manjul Chawla
Project Management: Oya Cushing
InfoEd: Howard Steinberg
caTissue: Paul Perapadan

Questions/Information: communications@dfhcc.harvard.edu