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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to bring?

You are encouraged to contact the Biostatistics Core early in the development stage of your project, so that you can get advice on study design, data collection, and protocol management.  Bring any information you feel will help you explain your project and its supporting science.  If you have already collected data, you can bring it with you in electronic form, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

How far in advance should I contact the Biostatistics Core?

Please use the following guidelines. You should contact the biostatistics core:
    at least 1 month before a meeting abstract is due
    at least 1 month before a RO1 grant is due
    at least 6 months before a P01 grant is due
    at least 6 months before a SPORE grant is due

How long does it take?

The turn-around time will depend on the nature of your project.  Your statistician will provide you with an estimate at the time of your meeting.

How do I get my results?

Your statistician will provide you with the information you have requested.  This may be as brief as an informal memorandum (for small projects) or as extensive as a technical report which can form the basis of a manuscript.  In the preparation of a protocol document or manuscript, you will exchange information iteratively with your statistician.

How am I billed?

There is no charge for the use of Biostatistics Core resources.  Your statistician may ask for a protocol or grant number for internal tracking purposes, but you will not be charged.

What is the user feedback process?

The Biostatistics Core is committed to providing the highest quality of service.  You should feel free to provide feedback directly to your statistician or to the Core Director.  You may provide your feedback by phone, e-mail or in writing.