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Core Facilities

Cancer Pharmacology


It is not feasible to develop a predetermined cost schedule for the services offered by the Core because of the highly specialized and varied nature of bioanalytical methods.  The integrated collection of procedures that comprise an analytical method, which include sample storage, preliminary sample preparation, chromatographic analysis, and detection depend upon the unique physicochemical characteristics of the particular drug of interest, the sample matrix, and nature of the application.  Costs for the analysis of samples depend upon whether the particular assay has already been established within the facility, whether suitable assays for a drug have been described in the literature, or whether an entirely new assay will need to be developed.  The complexity of the sample preparation and detection methods used in an assay also significantly impact costs.  Costs for assay development are largely dependent upon the physicochemical properties of the compound, as well as its potency, which generally dictates the sensitivity required to adequately detect systemic levels of drug afforded by tolerated doses. 

Accordingly, the costs for bioanalytical services must be developed individually for each project.