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Core Facilities

Cell Manipulation

Working with CMCF

Working with CMCF

Investigators and clinicians interested in working with CMCF on future projects should make an appointment to meet with the Core’s Executive Director, Dr. Jerome Ritz.

Contact information
Office phone:  (617) 632-3465
Email: Jerome_Ritz@dfci.harvard.edu
Location: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Mayer Building, Room 530

Since most cell manipulation procedures are distinct and developmental, the cost of each procedure is determined individually for each protocol and charged to principal investigators based on laboratory costs. There are no equivalent facilities in Boston and no other facility can provide the unique services the CMCF performs in supporting clinical research of cellular therapies for patients with cancer.

The CMCF is committed to providing the highest quality of service. Feedback from those who have used the Core’s services can be sent via email, phone, or appointment with Dr. Ritz  

Leadership and Staff

Director: Jerome Ritz, MD

Assistant Medical Director / Clinical Instructor: Sarah Nikiforow MD, PhD
Technical Director: Darlys Schott, BS, MT (ASCP), SBB
Director of Quality Assurance, Cellular Therapies: Olive Sturtevant, BA, MT (ASCP) , SBB, SLS, MHP
Quality Assurance Manager: Mary Ann Kelley, BS, MT (ASCP)
System Manager: Philip Brzezinski, BS, MBA
Supervisor, Novel Cellular Therapies Lab: Heather Daley, BS
Supervisor, Stem Cell Therapies Lab: Karl Stasko, BS, MPH
Supervisor, Quality Control Lab: Sharon Anderson, BS, MS
Supervisor, Pasquarello Tissue Lab: Doreen Hearsey, BS
Program Administrator: Gerry MacDonald