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Core Facilities

Collaborative RNAi


Point-of-contact for initial inquiries, advice, and referrals: 
Stephanie Mohr, PhD (DF/HCC Collaborative RNAi Core Coordinator and Director of the DRSC)
New Research Building, Room 350
Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-432-5626
Email: smohr@hms.harvard.edu
Web: www.flyrnai.org
Blog: www.flyrnai.blogspot.com

Locations of Participating Centers:

For a map of the Longwood Medical Area see hms.harvard.edu/hms/maps.asp

DFCI RNAi Screening Facility (Note: As of 10/2014 the facility is temporarily inactive and in planning stages. Please contact the DF/HCC Collaborative RNAi Core for information about shRNA services.)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Smith Building (at Longwood & Binney), 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02115

Drosophila RNAi Screening Center
Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
New Research Building Room 356B
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115

ICCB Longwood Screening Facility
Harvard Medical School
Seeley G. Mudd Bldg., Room 604
250 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Genetic Perturbation Platform of the Broad Institute
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
7 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02141