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Core Facilities

Collaborative RNAi

Notable References

A large number of RNAi screens conducted with the participating groups have resulted in data included in publications in high-profile journals. In addition, the core's scientific leaders and center staff members have contributed numerous review articles, chapters and methods papers. It is not practical to list all of these here but we will try to help you get started.

Selected Reviews and Methods Papers from the Core Leadership

Mohr, Smith, Shamu, Neumuller and Perrimon (2014) RNAi screening comes of age: improved techniques and complementary approaches. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 15(9):591-600. PMID: 25145850.

Yilmazel et al. (2014) Online GESS: Prediction of miRNA-like off-target effects in large-scale RNAi screen data by seed region analysis. BMC Bioinformatics. 15:192. PMID: 24934636.

Hu et al. (2013) UP-TORR: online tool for accurate and Up-to-Date annotation of RNAi Reagents. Genetics. 195(1):37-45. PMID: 23792952.

Mohr et al. (2010) Genomic Screening with RNAi: Results and Challenges. Ann. Rev. Biochem. Vol. 79.

Birmingham et al. (2009) Statistical methods for analysis of high throughput RNA interference screens. Nat Methods. 6(8):569-75.

Boehm & Hahn (2004) Immortalized cells as experimental models to study cancer. Cytotechnology. 45(1-2):47-59.

Chang et al. (2006) Lessons from Nature: microRNA-based shRNA libraries. Nat Methods. 3(9):707-14.

Hahn et al. (2009) Integrative genomic approaches to understanding cancer. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1790(6):478-84.

Kim & Hahn (2007) Cancer genomics: integrating form and function. Carcinogenesis. 28(7):1387-1392.

Root et al. (2006) Genome-scale loss-of-function screening with a lentiviral RNAi library. Nat Methods. 3(9):715-9.

Westbrook et al. (2005) Dissecting cancer pathways and vulnerabilities with RNAi. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 70:435-44.

Publications Relevant to Specific Participating Centers

Also Relevant

Information and publications relevant to The RNAi Consortium (TRC) and TRC libraries that are available at the DFCI RNAi Facility and the RNAi Platform of the Broad Institute.

Detailed information about screen assay development, screening and data analysis are available on-line at the ICCB Longwood Screening Facility web site (see screening guidelines, helpful publications & links, and other pages).

For the latest in fly RNAi screening and related topics, check out the DRSC Director’s Blog.