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Core Facilities

Community Practice



Key Services

The CPRC provides DF/HCC investigators with a connection to a large, diverse community of over 11,000,000 patients in Massachusetts and nationwide. The CPRC offers investigators support to develop research proposals for studies within the community practice settings, including guidance through each step in the process. During the grant preparation phase, services provided by the CPRC are free-of charge to DF/HCC investigators. For each project the CPRC:

  • Meets with the DF/HCC investigator and provides input on the feasibility of the project.
  • Assists the DF/HCC investigator to find an internal co-investigator within the community practice settings and introduces the investigator to the key clinical and administrative staff.
  • Provides preliminary data needed for grant preparation.
  • Assists with the development of the protocol to best take advantage of the planned study setting
  • Assists in completion of budgets and required local administrative protocols.
  • Facilitates Institutional Review Board submissions (if required by grant source prior to funding). 

During the grant-preparation phase, services provided by the CPC are free-of-charge to DF/HCC investigators.

Once the proposal is funded, all protocol procedures are coordinated by the study team.  At the discretion of the study PI, the CPRC staff may be included in the study team and provide additional services as described below:

  • Assist users to prepare the required IRB/HIPAA protocol submission, activation documentation, and if needed, annual continuing reviews. Subject access and recruitment.
  • Provide ongoing scientific input including development or refinement of the study protocols, interpretation of data and manuscript preparation.