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Core Facilities

Biostatistics Core
The Biostatistics Core provides statistical expertise for the planning, conduct, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials, epidemiologic and population based studies, studies in genetic susceptibility of cancer, and experiments in basic research in the biology of cancer.

Cancer Pharmacology Core
The Cancer Pharmacology Core provides DF/HCC helps investigators design and undertake pharmacokinetic studies in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials and preclinical investigations. The Core can implement and validate established analytical methods to quantify drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids; it can also modify or develop entirely new assays when necessary.

Cancer Proteomics Core
The Cancer Proteomics Core provides high-sensitivity, -resolution, and -throughput proteomics methods. The Core focuses on proteomic approaches to translational research based on analysis of patient materials such as blood, urine, and tumor tissue extracts.

Cell Manipulation Core Facility (CMCF)
The CMCF helps DF/HCC investigators develop cell-based therapies for cancer and supports clinical research studies that evaluate the safety and efficacy of these new treatments. The CMCF supports clinical trials that require extensive in vitro cell manipulation.

Community Practice Core
The Community Practice Core facilitates cancer research by offering DF/HCC investigators access to a clinical laboratory of over nine million patients in community-based clinical settings. Services include: connection to a large, diverse population; access to comprehensive computerized patient and provider data; and support to develop research proposals for studies within community practice settings.

DNA Resource Core
The DNA Resource Core provides high-throughput DNA-based services at low cost to DF/HCC members. The Core also provides clone annotation and informatics support to optimize use of these services. The DNA Resource Core has added two new services: siRNA library services and a related DNA clone repository.

Health Communications Core
The Health Communication Core provides evidence-based communication expertise to DF/HCC investigators working in intervention research, recruitment, and retention of patients for research studies, and cancer prevention, control, and treatment.

High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core
The High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core provides services to investigators who are conducting molecular analyses of germline and somatic DNA collected as part of cancer-focused investigations. This Core provides high-throughput assays of specific gene mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in situations where previously defined specific nucleotide alterations are of interest.

Monoclonal Antibody Core
The Monoclonal Antibody Core produces monoclonal antibodies directed against antigens of interest to DF/HCC investigators. These monoclonal antibodies are used for basic research, drug discovery, and clinical applications including diagnosis, surrogate markers for disease status, response to therapy, and drug toxicity.

Pathology Administration Core
Pathology Cores provide a variety of services to DF/HCC members representing most of the Programs within DF/HCC; as such, the Pathology Cores are important points of interaction between groups of investigators.

Cytogenetics Core
The Cytogenetics Core provides insight into regions of the genome that are pathogenetic in various neoplasms, leading to an understanding of the molecular pathways that play a role in the biology of cancer. The Cytogenetics Core provides conventional metaphase karyotyping and a comprehensive menu of molecular cytogenetic methods.

Pathology Specimen Locator Core
The Pathology Specimen Locator Core provides access to searchable databases of de-identified pathologic information on post-diagnostic excess human materials such as frozen or paraffin embedded tissues and bodily fluids.

Rodent Histopathology Core
The Rodent Histopathology (RHP) Core provides technical, professional, and educational services to Cancer Center members, along with high-quality mouse dissection, tissue processing, and histological slide preparation from paraffin embedded and frozen tissues.

Specialized Histopathology Core
The Specialized Histopathology (SHP) Core provides consultative and interpretive pathology services including high quality, timely, state-of-the-art analysis of tissues obtained from a variety of experimental systems, including rodents, fish, and monkeys. This Core also provides professional expertise to assist in experimental design and the development and interpretation of tests and their results.

Vector Core
The Vector Core provides state-of-the-art gene transfer technology and expert advice to DF/HCC investigators. Core services include rapid construction and characterization of a wide range of plasmid constructs, viral vectors, and genetically engineered tumor cell lines suitable for tumor cell vaccination studies.

Tumor Imaging Metrics Core
The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core provides standardized radiological measurements including linear (RECIST, WHO, Cheson) for CT and MR, volumetric and Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) for PET scans to evaluate tumor response for DF/HCC clinical trials.