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Core Facilities

Health Communication



  • Multi-media communication research facility

    The HCC’s Enhancing Communications for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Lab is a state-of-the-art, multi-media facility where investigators, clinicians, and practitioners can conduct communication research with target audiences such as study participants, patients, or community members. The HCC collaborates with the Survey and Data Management Core (SDMC) to provide focus group moderation and data analysis.

  • Communication planning
  • Writing / editing
  • Graphics design
  • Website/mobile/app development and hosting
  • Health materials consultation
  • Marketing / outreach
  • Coordination of translation services
  • Identity, naming, and logo development
  • Usability testing
  • Design of integrated process tracking systems
  • Social media

Writing and editing

  • Writing
  • Copyediting
  • Substantive editing/rewriting
  • Coordination of translation services

Graphic design

  • Logo development
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design for print materials, websites, and other media

Website development

  • Website organization and navigation
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Integrated process tracking systems
  • User-friendly applications for updating content


  • Project naming
  • Branding and identity development
  • Marketing strategies and advertising plans to promote your study or project
  • Promotional items and incentives


  • Advice and recommendations
  • Assistance at the start of your project, to help you determine what you will need to effectively reach your audience

Intervention development

  • Focus groups
  • Program planning
  • Special programs

Communication research and testing

• Audience research
• State of the art facility for filming and recording pres-tests, focus groups discussions
• Website usability testing on-site or in the field