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Core Facilities

Tumor Imaging Metrics



The Core directors welcome feedback about the use of Core Services

Core PIs:

Annick D. Van den Abbeele M.D. (DFCI)   abbeele@dfci.harvard.edu
Gordon J. Harris Ph.D. (MGH)                    gjharris@partners.org



TIMC Feedback:

"The TIMC has been so responsive and helpful and has helped to ease a large burden on so many levels. We can't say enough how much we appreciate this service. It is indeed a huge benefit having TIMC on board". ~ Phase I Group

"Reasons why we love the TIMC: They are all very friendly and easily accessible. The staff is knowledgeable about the study and can properly choose the "target lesions" to follow at each time point. The data is posted in a timely manner on the website and is clear, concise and easy to understand". ~ Lymphoma Group

"THANK YOU!!! You guys are SOOOOO GREAT!" ~ Gynecologic Oncology Group

"I was employed before my team had subscribed to TIMC. Before TIMC, I spent a great deal of my time trying to make sense of the tumor measurements handed to me by doctors or described in the radiology reports. Inevitably there were discrepacies with the data. The same lesions were not followed, some lesions were measured on a cycle day while others were not, or the doctor's measurements did not reflect what was dictated in the radiology report. Discrepancies are, of course, a data manager's worst nightmare-- and we had to clarify every discrepancy for our monitors. So having TIMC has been so incredibly helpful to this CRC in particular and has made that part of my job much much easier. THANK YOU!!!"

"The staff involved in TIMC are the most pleasant and professional group of co-workers to deal with. Thank you all for providing the measurements accurately and answering our questions in a timely manner."

"This has made my job so much easier! Having all the measurements right at hand, it a clear format is so helpful. Case report forms are much easier to complete when the info is right there."

"The TIMC database is so easy to use! It's great to have consistent, accessible patient data for trials. This is much easier than going through radiology reports looking for the correct lesions!"