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Core Facilities

Tumor Imaging Metrics




The Tumor Metrics Core provides four primary services to DF/HCC investigators:

  • Consultation services for image-based protocol and image analysis design
  •  Image aggregation and management of scans from all DF/HCC institutions
  • Image measurement of lesions from scans of patients on clinical trials
  • Reporting and database management of radiological data for clinical trials
Reviewer Training

Central radiology reviewers will be trained and certified as proficient in established tumor metric criteria and clinical research principles. 

Quality Control

Currently, for site review, the TIMC paradigm utilizes one central reader per radiologic exam (single read). The central reader will be randomly assigned and cannot be selected by trial staff based on site location.

A mediation process has been established in the instance that the central review is felt to be discordant with clinical assessment. Trial staff should file a request for mediation with the TIMC Help Desk (timc@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu) which will trigger a review by a blinded, independent reviewer at a site where the patient is not enrolled.

A randomly selected subset of imaging studies are reviewed by dedicated TIMC staff to ensure that documentation was made to justify discordance between central radiology and clinical reviews. Additionally, data are reviewed to ensure appropriate disease was selected at baseline and that follow-up assessments were rendered according to established criteria.