Cutter Symposium

Address to event

Snyder Auditorium, Kresge G1
677 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA

“Data Sharing in the Context of Clinical Trials”
Dr. Jeffrey M. Drazen

Since 1912, the Cutter Lecture on Preventive Medicine has been one of the most respected institutionalized lectures in the fields of preventive medicine and Epidemiology. The Cutter lectures are administered by the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health under the terms of the bequest from John Clarence Cutter, MD a graduate of the Harvard Medical School. In his will Dr. Cutter specified that the lectures should concern preventive medicine, should be delivered in Boston and should be free to the medical profession and the press.

The changing character of public health interests is reflected in the history of the Cutter lectures, but all have remained dedicated to enhancing the physical and social welfare of the world’s population.

The lecturers themselves have come from a variety of countries and fields of interests. While the majority of lecturers have been either American or British, many of the other European countries are represented, as well as the continents of Asia and Africa. Lecturers have been some of the most distinguished public health scientists, researchers and professionals, including the founders of modern Epidemiology and Nobel Prize recipients.


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