DF/HCC Cancer Genetics Retreat

Address to event

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Jimmy Fund Auditorium
35 Binney Street,
Boston, MA

All are welcome to this DF/HCC Cancer Genetics Retreat chaired by David Kwiatkowski and Gad Getz, including leaders in the field from Boston and beyond. The day includes 3 sessions, a lunch, and a poster session.

Preliminary Program: 


Session 1. The ICGC and TCGA Pan cancer analysis projects.
Session chair: Gad Getz
Rameen Beroukhim
Jaegil Kim (Broad Institute) - Mutational signatures in the ICGC and TCGA Pan cancer analysis projects
Peter Van Loo (The Francis Crick Institute) - The genetic archaeology of 2,658 cancers




Session 2. Cancer epigenetics: Transcriptional drivers and dependencies in cancer.  
Session chair: Bradley Bernstein
Rick Young (Whitehead Institute, MIT) - Transcriptional addiction and new therapeutics
Shelley Berger (Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn)
Brad Bernstein - Epigenetic plasticity in cancer


Lunch and poster session


Session 3. Cancer heterogeneity and evolution.
Session chair: Matthew Meyerson
Adam Bass: Order matters: How evolution of esophageal cancer impacts clinically relevant heterogeneity
Matthew Meyerson

MORE Details will be added as they become available

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