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Funding Support Center

Funding Resources

Other Funding Resources

Many of these sites may be geared toward the funding agency/foundation, so it is always good to check with your funder to be sure the interests match and that the funding agency/foundation is approved by your grants office.

  • Grants.gov grant opportunities from all federal grantmaking agencies.
  • GrantsNet funds for training in the sciences and undergraduate science education; free through the support of HHMI and AAAS.
  • Foundation Center sign up to receive free electronic RFP announcements and newsletters.
  • Google Alerts email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of topic.
  • (NIH) NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts subscribe to weekly email LISTSERV with new NIH guide postings and funding opportunities.
  • Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)   after noteworthy success in managing the research program in breast cancer, the CDMRP was tasked to manage research programs in neurofibromatosis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, tuberous sclerosis complex, chronic myelogenous leukemia, and prion diseases as well as other specified areas.