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BIDMC recruits world-renowned geneticist

Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD, an award-winning cancer geneticist, will soon join the faculty of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Pandolfi, who comes from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, will hold joint appointments in the departments of medicine and pathology and serve as associate director of basic research for BIDMC's Cancer Center as well as director of a new cancer genetics program.  

Research in the Pandolfi laboratory has contributed to defining the molecular and genetic events underlying the pathogenesis of human cancers. In 2005, he and his colleagues identified a new cellular oncogene, Zbtb7, which works by controlling the pathways required to transform normal cells to cancerous ones.

In a BIDMC press release on the recruitment of Pandolfi, Lewis Cantley, PhD, chief of the Division of Signal Transduction at BIDMC, says: "His research has led to major breakthroughs in our understanding of how mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes result in leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors. Dr. Pandolfi will greatly facilitate our mission to translate breakthroughs in the molecular diagnosis of cancer into individualized treatments for patients."