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Clinical Research Support

Clinical Trials Education

Our purpose is to provide systemic and ongoing clinical research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) educational opportunities and resources to faculty and clinical research staff throughout the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.


Investigator Education
In order to ensure that clinical research is consistently performed to high ethical and scientific standards, DF/HCC leadership has set required and recommended components for the training of our clinical investigators. Training is required prior to beginning work in clinical research and offered on an ongoing basis as new guidance, regulations, and areas of concern in research emerge. Use the Education link on the right navigation bar to learn more about investigator training courses.

Clinical Research Staff Education
QACT has set the standard for the training of clinical research staff. This training involves education on certain aspects of federal regulations, ethical principles, and DF/HCC-specific policies. The training required or recommended for DF/HCC clinical research staff is outlined on the Education link of the right navigation bar.

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