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“Mini-Pipeline” expands reach of oncology seminars

DF/HCC has expanded its monthly seminar series, "Pipelines in Oncology," to encompass small to mid-size biotechnology companies. The original Pipeline seminars feature interactive presentations from leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Novartis, who discuss preclinical and clinical data of promising products in their oncology portfolio with early-phase investigators from all DF/HCC sites. Mini-Pipeline seminars mirror these discussions with companies like Array Biopharma, PTC Therapeutics, Nerviano Medical Sciences, and GPC Biotech.

The goals of both Pipeline series are to establish a closer working relationship with the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, and to gain a clearer understanding of the rationale and results of their drug discovery and development efforts. These seminars have led to several successful collaborations, new clinical trials, and research agreements with DF/HCC disease programs, including Lymphoma and Myeloma, Ovarian Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Neuro-Oncology. For more information, please visit the Pipelines in Oncology web page, or contact: Petra Loesch.