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Clinical Research Support

Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS)

Oncology Protocol System and OHRS Submit

OHRS Office Hours

OHRS staff is available every other Friday in the DFCI Mayer L1 Conference Room from 11-12 a.m. for questions and answers regarding all OHRS-specific systems and processes. Please call OHRS at 617-632-3029 for availability or to schedule a meeting with a specific member of the OHRS.

To Request Access to ONCPRO, OHRS Submit, and the OHRS Email List

Requesting access to the Oncology Protocol System (OncPro) depends on your DF/HCC affiliation. Please follow the instructions below and contact OHRS (617-632-3029) and ask to speak with an Online Coordinator for any questions.

  • DFCI, MGH & BWH (Partners) users may access the New User Request form by clicking here. Once the form is correctly completed and submitted to the OHRS, users will be added to the OHRS Email List and may access the OncPro system through the Partners Applications menu.
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Children's Hospital users are outside of the Partners firewall and therefore must request access from assigned keygivers at each institution. Children's Hospital Oncology Nursing and Pharmacy personnel should contact their administrative coordinator to request access. BIDMC personnel should contact the BIDMC Cancer Clinical Trials Office Manager to request access.
  • Network Affiliate users must request access through the Network Affiliate Office (dfpccaffiliates@dfci.harvard.edu or 617-632-3721).
  • If you are a non-Partners user and you would like sign-up for the DF/HCC Research emails, please email OHRS by clicking the following link:
    OHRS Email List 
    Please note that this is not necessary for Partners users, as Partners users will be added to the list automatically upon gaining access to OncPro.

Current Users

  • Partners users please access these systems through Start > Partners Applications > ONCPRO
  • All other users please access through: https://webctportal.partners.org