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Clinical Research Support

Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS)

Presentation and Training Materials

Presentation & Training Materials


OHRP is pleased to announce the availability of two educational videos
developed by the Division of Education and Development that provide
information on  topics regarding the Department of Health and Human
Services (HHS) regulations for the protection of human subjects of research
described at 45 CFR part 46.  One video discusses research use of human
biological specimens and other private information and the second video
discusses reviewing and reporting unanticipated problems and adverse
events. Both can be accessed here: http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/education/training/ded_video.html.

Each video is approximately 20-25 minutes in length. An institution may
reproduce or share these materials for educational purposes and may wish to
consider incorporating the materials in their training programs.

OHRP anticipates the release of additional educational videos in the future
on a variety of topics including IRB membership, general informed consent
requirements, IRB records, and complex issues with research involving
vulnerable populations.  Additional information on OHRPís educational
videos can be found at: http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/education/#materials

Other Training Materials

  • Click here to view OHRP presentations on:
    • Research Use of Human Biological Specimens and Other Private Information
    • Reviewing and Reporting Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Membership
    • General Informed Consent Requirements Parts I (Research Investigator) and II (Research Subject)