DF/HCC offers a variety of funding opportunities to members to encourage and enhance the collaborative spirit of research within the Harvard-affiliated medical community. Annual funding opportunities through DF/HCC have historically included pilot project awards through our Cancer Center development funding budget, SPORE career and project development awards, and jointly sponsored funding opportunities made available through our many partnerships with entities such as the Harvard Catalyst, the U54 DF/HCC UMass Boston Partnership, and the Harvard University Center for AIDs Research.

Two important funding programs have provided substantial opportunities to DF/HCC investigators recently. The Bridge Project, a collaboration between DF/HCC and the Koch Institute for Cancer Research at MIT, offers funding for teams that bring bioengineering, advanced cancer science, and clinical oncology together to address unmet clinical needs and technological solutions. The A. David Mazzone Research Awards Program funds a series of collaborative and innovative cancer research, career development, community outreach, and training projects to address a range of needs in prostate cancer and Lupron-treatable diseases.

Active Funding Opportunities


df/hcc & Harvard Community Funding opportunity


DF/HCC - UMass Boston U54 Pilot Projects

LOI Due July 16, 2018, Application due August 31, 2018 



External Funding Opportunity

Application Deadline

HIV Mucosal Immunology Group (MIG)

Application due September 4, 2018
LLS Translational Research Program  LOI due August 31, 2018; Application due October 31,2018
LLS Specialized Center of Research Program  LOI due August 31, 2018; Application due February 15,2019

Stand Up To Cancer T-Cell Lymphoma Dream Team Translational Research Grant

LOI due July 2, 2018; Application due October 12,2018 

ACS Clinical Research Professor

LOI due August 1, 2018; Application due October 15,2018

Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Research Grants

LOI due August 1, 2018; Application due October 17,2018



Application Deadline

NIH Director's Early Independence Award (DP5 - Clinical Trial Optional)

LOI due August 27, 2018, Application due September 27, 2018

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