DF/HCC SPORE in Multiple Myeloma Career Enhancement Award

June 14, 2017

REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: Career Enhancement Awards

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $43,000 (direct costs) per year for one year with the potential for renewal for a second year based on merit
APPLICATION DEADLINE: On or before July 15, 2017

The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Specialized Program in Research Excellence (SPORE) in Multiple Myeloma seeks applications for a Career Enhancement Award.  Please note the deadline for applications is on or before July 15, 2017.

Career Enhancement Award
The overall goal of the Career Enhancement Program is to bring talented new researchers to the area of myeloma research.  Increasing pressure is put on young investigators to become productive and financially independent sooner in their careers than in the past. One priority of this SPORE will be to protect the time of clinically oriented young investigators to pursue their careers.  Another priority of the Career Enhancement Program will be the recruitment of highly qualified minority investigators to the field of myeloma.  We feel that, in so doing, we will facilitate the diversification of our research interests, and potentially increase our minority recruitment to clinical trials.

The goal of the Career Enhancement Program of DF/HCC Myeloma SPORE is to build upon the track record of the SPORE investigators and establish a formal process for the identification, selection, funding, and mentoring of individuals pursuing careers in the study of the basic and clinical aspects of myeloma.

The candidate will be a junior faculty, a clinical fellow or postdoctoral fellow, generally in his/her last year of fellowship, who has shown interest and productivity in the field of myeloma research. 

The eligible candidates are requested to submit an electronic version of the completed application in pdf format to candice_hachey@dfci.harvard.edu  on or before July 15, 2017.  A scanned copy of the signed first page should also be included in the e-mail. 


The identification of appropriate mentor (s) is critical, and potential mentors in our Career Enhancement Program must be members of the faculty at DF/HCC, or the participating institutions.  Candidates who are not members of the SPORE will be evaluated based upon commitment, facilities, and environment available for the mentor to assure proper training of the Career Enhancement Applicant in translational research. 


To confirm receipt of the application, please provide e-mail with an automated reply option.


The application should contain the following components: 

  1. Application Front Page
  2. Research Abstract (½ page)
  3. Budget
  4. Research Proposal to include Background and Relevance, Specific Aims, Preliminary Data, and Experimental Methods. Not to exceed 5 pages exclusive of the literature cited.
  5. Translational Objectives of the Proposed Research (1 page)
  6. Applicant’s Career Goals (1 page); If applying for second year please summarize the progress in the first year including how the original career development objectives were satisfied
  7. Mentor ‘s Letter of Support detailing mentorship plan
  8. Applicant’s Biosketch (NIH)
  9. Mentor’s Biosketch (NIH)