RFA: DF/HCC Breast Cancer SPORE Developmental Research Project Awards

March 08, 2016

Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)
An NCI funded program
Grant 1P50CA168504

Eligibility: Harvard (including Broad Institute) faculty members at a level of Instructor or Assistant Professor. Clinical, population or lab-based researchers are all eligible. Underserved minority investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.

Purpose: To develop the careers of young investigators committed to breast cancer. 

Focus: Translational research in breast cancer.  Projects focused on immune-based therapies and immunology as it relates to Breast Cancer (risk, prevention, pathogenesis, prognosis and treatment) are particularly encouraged, but others should apply.

Awards: Two 18 month long awards of approximately $50,000 to $70,000 direct costs will be awarded.

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 25, 2016
Start Date:  April 1, 2016

Selection Criteria: a review committee will make the award based on these criteria:

  • Potential of the applicant to succeed in an independent career in breast cancer research
  • Training experiences and academic record of the applicant Funds for this award
  • Quality and commitment of the mentor and mentorship committee
  • Translational scientific merit of research proposal
  • Enthusiasm of the applicant to participate in the Breast SPORE
  • Interest on the part of the applicant to use SPORE resources
  • Programmatic needs of the SPORE

Application Materials: e-mail the following materials in a single PDF file to laurenp_knelson@dfci.harvard.edu

  • Nominating letter from a senior faculty member who will serve as the applicant’s primary mentor. The letter should outline the research and career plan for the candidate.
  • Letter of institutional support from the applicant’s department chair or division chief providing evidence of institutional support and a guarantee of protected time, research space, and office space.
  • Harvard-format CV
  • Budget categorizing expenditures for each year of funding. FOR INSTITUTIONS OTHER THAN DFCI, SIGN OFF ON THE BUDGET FROM YOUR INSTITUTION IS REQUIRED.
  • Proposal concept describing the applicant’s interest in a career in breast cancer research, the benefits of becoming involved in the SPORE, and how the proposed project fits in the context of the candidate’s career development.
    • -Submissions should be a maximum of four-pages not including an abstract and references
    • -Proposals should follow a standard format that includes specific aims, background, preliminary studies, and approach (note: preliminary data is not required but a record of earlier accomplishments is preferred).
    • -A mentoring section including the establishment of a mentoring committee is required.
    • -Applicants may meet with a SPORE biostatistician for a consultation if desired. 


Please send any questions to laurenp_knelson@dfci.harvard.edu