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Adam Kibel, MD

Brigham And Women's Hospital

Brigham And Women's Hospital
Phone: (617) 732-6665

Adam Kibel, MD

Brigham And Women's Hospital


  • Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Chief of Urology, Surgery/Urology, Brigham And Women's Hospital
  • Chief of Urology, Genitourinary Maligncies, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



  • Member, Center Scientific Council

Research Abstract

I serve as the Chief of Urology for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as Chairman of the Harvard Urology Residency (Longwood). My practice encompasses complex open and minimally invasive oncology cases. A large portion of my practice is centered on robotic surgery for urologic cancers.

From a research perspective, I am interested in elucidating the molecular basis of prostate cancer aggressiveness. In collaboration with others both within and without the Harvard System, I identified multiple genetic variants associated with aggressive prostate carcinoma. At the current time, we are completing several important projects. We have performed whole genome sequencing on aggressive and indolent prostate tumors, to determine if there are driver mutations for aggressive disease. We are also performing whole exome sequencing on germline DNA to determine if rare variants are associated with risk of aggressive disease. I am particularly interested in integrating environmental determinants of risk since they offer the potential to alter the underlying genetic predisposition to disease.

In addition, I have lead efforts to integrate improved imaging into our care of patients with urologic malignancies. This includes FDG-PET in bladder cancer and C11 Acetate PET in prostate. Lastly, I’m involved in ongoing trials to integrate adjuvant and neoadjuvant systemic therapy into our management of patients with urologic malignancies.


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