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David E. Clapham, MD, PhD

Boston Children's Hospital

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David E. Clapham, MD, PhD

Boston Children's Hospital


  • Aldo R. Castaneda Professor of Cardiovascular, Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School
  • Aldo R. Castaneda Professor of Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
  • Aldo R. Castaneda Professor of Cardiovascular Research, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boston Children's Hospital


Research Abstract

The Clapham laboratory discovers and elucidates the structure and function of ion channels, as well as their role in overall biology of the organism. Recently we identified ion channels in primary cilia that are linked to Hedgehog signaling, a target of cancer therapies. We employ patch clamp electrophysiology, advanced imaging, biochemistry, and genetic manipulation to identify the genes that encode ion channels and their associated proteins. We are currently investigating the following channels and transporters:

TRP channels (TRPC1,4,5; TRPV3, 4; TRPM6, TRPM7)

Voltage-gated proton channels (Hv1)

Mitochondrial channels (MCU and its subunits)

Mitochondrial transporters (Letm1)

Cilia channels (PKD and PKDL)

Osmosensitive chloride channels

Sperm-specific ion channels (CatSper, Slo3)


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