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Jennifer A. Moye, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School
Phone: (857) 364-5849

Jennifer A. Moye, PhD

Harvard Medical School


  • Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Research Abstract

My research to date has focused on psychological adaptation to medical illness by older patients with a specific focus on the medical decision making process in patients with neurocognitive or neuropsychiatric illnesses. As a VA researcher, I have also been particularly interested in the role of trauma (i.e., combat trauma in military veterans) in psychological adaptation.

I am now extending this research to focus on cancer survivors in several areas:

1) To what extent to cancer patients report post traumatic stress symptomatology, and/or stress-related growth in response to cancer diagnosis and treatment;

2) How does earlier trauma experience relate to the onset and development of stress symptoms or stress related growth/ meaning making in cancer survivors (e.g., is earlier combat experience a protective or vulnerability factor);

3) How does cancer impact access and use of the healthcare system;

4) How do stress symptoms impact approach/avoidance to advance care planning.


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