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Martin Kulldorff, PhD

Harvard Medical School


  • Professor, Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School


Research Abstract

My primary research interest is in developing new statistical methods for disease surveillance and the application of those methods. For cancer surveillance, I have developed spatial and space-time scan statistics for proper statistical evaluation of geographical cancer clusters, to determine whether they are likely to be due to chance or not, adjusting for the multiple comparison inherent in the many potential cluster locations and sizes possible. The same methods can also be used for prospective surveillance for cluster detection and evaluation. While mostly used for count data such as cancer incidence or mortality, my research team has also developing spatial, temporal and space-time scan statistics for ordinal data such as cancer stage or grade and for continuous data such as cancer survival times.

In addition to my methodological work, I also collaborate on various types of cancer research projects as a biostatistician. This work includes health services research on cancer screening and other forms of prevention, nutritional cancer epidemiology studies and cancer surveillance efforts.


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