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Michael Johnson, PhD

University Of Massachusetts - Boston

University Of Massachusetts - Boston
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Michael Johnson, PhD

University Of Massachusetts - Boston


  • Associate Professor, Public Policy and Public Affairs, University Of Massachusetts - Boston


Research Abstract

My career development goals for the current U54 proposal under consideration are centered on building expertise in social and health policy spatial analysis. In particular, I will: (a) Gain experience with geocoding social data, including follow-up

analysis when geocoding results are ambiguous, linking geocoded data to a variety of administrative datasets, and creating descriptive maps to provide insights to researchers; (b) Gain experience with computing a range of variables and social impact measures, such as ICE (Index of Concentration at the Extremes) for multiple measures of sociodemographic and economic characteristics from multiple administrative datasets, and use these measures as inputs to spatial analyses to provide insights regarding level, rate and significance of changes in values of variables over space, time and population category.


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