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Philip C. Amrein, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
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Philip C. Amrein, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Physician, Medicine Service, Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Abstract

My research focus has been in the treatment of patients with acute and chronic leukemia. I have also participated in clinical trials for patients with myelodysplasia and multiple myeloma. The following is a list of clinical trials that I am most interested in accruing patients to:

1) DF/HCC protocol 06-254, which tests a new sequence of drugs for acute lymphoid leukemia

2) DF/HCC protocol 05-308 and CALGB 10303, which compares the effectiveness of dasatinib to standard therapy imatinib for CML in chronic phase

3) CALGB 10502, which tests the addition of bortezomib to standard treatment in acute myeloid leukemia

4) DF/HCC protocol 06-211, which tests the effectiveness of dasatinib in relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia


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