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Pipelines in Oncology

November 13, 2008 - Eli Lilly and Company


Christopher A. Slapak, MD, Distinguished Lilly Scholar Cancer Research and Clinical Investigation  Lilly Research Laboratories  /Eli Lilly and Company ; Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine  Indiana University School of Medicine

Presentation on:

Eli Lilly Oncology Pipeline Overview

November 5, 2008 - Novelos


Christopher Pazoles, PhD - Vice President, Research and Development
Kristin Schuhwerk - Vice President of Clinical Development, Operations

Programs Presented:

  • NOV-002, redox-regulating oxidized glutathione-mimetic.

October 16, 2008 - Johnson&Johnson/ Ortho Biotech


Bill Hait , MD , PhD ; Senior Vice President,  Worldwide Head of Oncology/ Hematology R&
Chris Takimoto , MD, PhD; Senior Director,  Translational Medicine 
Craig Tendler, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Oncology and Nephrology, Ortho Biotech
Catherine Oyler, MBA, Senior Director, Emerging Technologies, Corporate Office of Science and Technology

Presentation on:

  • CNTO 328 - anti-interleukin(IL)-6 monoclonal antibody
  • CNTO 888 - Anti-CLL2 human monoclonal antibody
  • hdm2 Inhibitor Program
  • Overview over JNJ pipeline


October 6, 2008 - Array Biopharma


James Winkler, PhD - Vice President, Discovery and Translational Biology
Duncan Walker, PhD - Senior Director, Translational Biology
Laura Maloney - Senior Clinical Program Manager 

Presentation on:

  • ARRY-543 – panErB inhibitor
  • ARR-Y520 – KSP inhibitor
  • ARRY-380 – ErB2 inhibitor
  • ARRy-614 – p38/ tie-2 inhibitor

September 18, 2008 - EMD Serono


Jens Oliver Funk, MD, Senior Vice President, Merck Serono Research /Global Head of TA Oncology
Frank T. Weber, MD, PhD; Senior Vice President, Merck Serono Research; Head of Exploratory Medicine
Oscar Kashala, MD, PhD, DSc; Senior Medical Director, Development; Head US Oncology Development

Presentation on:

  • Erbitux
    • Cilengitide – Cyclic RGD peptide integrin inhibitor
      • DI17E6 – Anti-Integrin Antibody
        • Stimuvax – Therapeutic MUC1-based cancer vaccine
          • Survivac – Therapeutic survivin-based cancer vaccine
            • Selectikine – NHS-IL2-LT immunocytokine
            • Aurora Multikinase Inhibitor (AS703569)
              • MEK Inhibitor (AS703026)


              September 11, 2008 - Curis


              Bill Munger - Executive Director Technology and Program Management
              Cheng Lai, PhD - Director, Molecular and Cellular Biology
              Xu Tao, PhD - Associate Director, Molecular and Cellular Biology
              Khanh Ly, MSc, Esq - Director, Coproate Development and Strategic Planning

              Presentation on:

              • GCD-0449, a hedgehog antagonist (Collaboration with Genentech)
              • CUDC-305 (Hsp90 inhibitor), and
              • multi-targeted small molecule inhibitors (HDAC combinations).

              June 25, 2008 - BiPar Sciences


              Charles Bradley, PhD - Vice President Clinical Development 

              Presentation on:

              • PARP inhibitor program – BSI 201 and other PARP inhibitor candidates

              June 19, 2008 - ImClone Systems


              Eric Rowinsky, MD - Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President

              Presentation on:

              "The ImClone Pipeline of Human IgG1 Antibodies - Overview and Potential Collaborations"

              May 7, 2008 - Cephalon Oncology


              Joseph Leveque, MD - Senior Group Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs
              Bruce Ruggeri, PhD - Senior Director, Oncology Research Drug Discovery
              Peter Brown, DPhil - Vice President, Translational Medicine
              Melanie Olesky, PhD - Medical Science Liaison

              Presentation on:

              • TRISENOX®  (arsenic trioxide) for  Injection   Acute   Myeloid Leukemia- Approved  
              • TREANDA® (bendamustine  hydrochloride) for Injection Chronic  lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) - Approved  
              • CEP-701 (lestaurtinib) - Acute myelogenous leukemia (FLT3) - Phase  III
              • CEP-701   (lestaurtinib) - Myeloproliferative disorders  (JAK2) - Phase  II  
              • CEP-11981 (VEGF-R/TIE2 Kinase inhibitor) – Solid Tumors - Phase    I
              • CEP-18770 (proteasome inhibitor) - Multiple Myeloma - Phase  1
              • CEP-18050 AnaplasticLarge Cell Lymphoma - Preclinical

              April 24, 2008 - GlaxoSmtihKline


              Peter Ho, MD, PhD - Senior President, Oncology CEDD
              Babara Weber, MD - Vice President, Discovery and Translational Medicine Oncology

              Presentation on:

              • AKT Inhibitor Development Program
              • CENPE
              • PLK (Anti-Mitotics)
              • MEK Inhibitor Program
              • PI3K Inhibitor Program
              • Eleclomol (with Synta Pharmaceuticals)
              • GSK Go/No-Go Decisions

              March 21, 2008 - Abbott


              Saul Rosenberg, PhD - Senior Director, Discovery
              Gary Gordon, MD, PhD - Divisional Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development

              Presentation on:

              • ABT-869 - small molecule RTKI of VEGF/PDGF
              • ABT-263 - small molecule Bcl-2 Family Inhibitor
              • ABT-888 - small molecule PARP Inhibitor

              March 4, 2008 - Progenra


              Ben Nicholson, PhD – Associate Director

              Presentation on:

              • Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins

              February 7, 2008 - Synta Pharmaceuticals


              Jim Barsoum, PhD – SVP, Research
              Eric Jacobson, MD – Senior Vice President, CMO

              Presentation on:

              • Elesclomol (STA-4783) (Increases Reactive Oxygen Species)
              • STA-9090 (Hsp90 Inhibitor)
              • STAF-584 (Vascular Discrupting Agent)

              January 29, 2008 - Methylgene


              Robert Martell, MD – VicePresident and Chief Medical Officer

              Presentation on:

              • MGCD0103 (HDAC Inhibitor)
              • MGCD 265 (Met Inhibitor)

              January 17, 2008 - ArQule Inc


              Dennis France - Vice President, Molecular Oncology
              Tom Chan, MD - Senior VP, Discovery and Pre-Clinical Development
              Mark Ashwell, PhD - VP, Drug Discovery Chemistry
              Martin Redmon, PhD - VP, Pharmaceutical Development

              Presentation on:

              • ARQ197 - c-met Inhibitor (Kyowa Hakko)
              • ARQ350RP - b-raf Kinase Inhibitor
              • ARQ300RP - Eg5 Inhibitor
              • ARQ171 - E2F1 Pathway Activator (Roche)
              • ArQule's Approach to Drug Discovery and Development