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Pipelines in Oncology


To register for these seminars or request a 1:1 meeting with representatives from the presenting company, please visit our events page.




November 21, 2013 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals


Ulrik Nielsen, PhD - Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer
Victor Moyo, MD - Vice President, Clinical Investigations
Akos Czibere, MD, PhD - Senior Medical Director and MM-121 Project Leader
Alexey Lugovskoy, PhD - Vice President, Therapeutic Design and MM-141 Project Leader
Ben Wolf, MD, PhD - Senior Medical Director and MM-151 Project Leader
Erik Schrader, MBA - Brand Lead, Merrimack Healthcare Solutions
Petra Loesch, MS - Associate Director Medical Communications

Presentation on:

  • MM-121
  • MM-141
  • MM-151 

October 17, 2013 Amgen


Gregory Friberg, MD - Executive Medical Director, Medical Sciences, Early Development Oncology
Jeff Wiezorek, MD - Executive Medical Director, Global Development
Christian Rommel, PhD - Head of the Oncology Preclinical Program
Jon Oliner, MD, PhD - Scientific Executive Director, Oncology Research
Bob Radinsky, PhD - Executive Director, Oncology Preclinical Research

Presentation on:

  • Early development/First in Human studies

March 21, 2013 - Eisai Pharmaceuticals


David Cox, MD - Medical Director
Tasha D. Hall, PhD, RN - Distinguished Medical Science Liaison

Presentation on:

  • Eisai Pipeline

February 21. 2013 - TetraLogic


David Weng, MD, PhD - Sr Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Martin Graham, PhD - VP of Development
Stephen M. Condon, PhD - VP of Chemistry
Srinivas Chunduru, PhD - Sr. Director of Biology

Presentation on:

  • Birinipant (Smac mimetic)