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Simon K. Warfield, PhD

Professor, Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Director of Research, Department of Radiology, Boston Children's Hospital

Director, Computational Radiology Laboratory, Boston Children's Hospital

Contact Info

Simon Warfield
Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA, 02115
Mailstop: Wolbach 215
Phone: 617-355-4566
Fax: 617-730-0635


Laura Alice
Administrative Assistant
Computational Radiology Laboratory
Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA, 02115
Phone: 617-355-2755

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Imaging
Prostate Cancer

Research Abstract

My research focus is on the development of novel algorithms that improve our capability to extract information from images and to apply that information for the treatment of cancer. The applications of this technology include:
1. improved targeting and monitoring for brain tumor surgeries and prostate cancer treatment
2. preoperative surgical planning
3. assessment of tumor volume and infiltration by 3D segmentation of multimodality imaging data
4. nonrigid registration for multimodality image fusion


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