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Daniel A. Haber, MD, PhD

Kurt J. Isselbacher/Peter D. Schwartz Professor of Oncology, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Director, MGH Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact Info

Daniel Haber
Massachusetts General Hospital
Building 149

Charlestown, MA, 02129
Mailstop: CNY 7
Phone: 617-726-7805
Fax: 617-724-6919


Sophia Sid
Executive Secretary
MGH Cancer Center
Massachusetts General Hospital
149 13th Street
Suite 7.207
Charlestown, MA, 02129
Mailstop: CNY149, 7.207
Phone: 617-726-5475
Fax: 617-726-6919

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Genetics

DF/HCC Associations

Member, Center Scientific Council
Institutional Representative for MGH, Executive Committee

Research Abstract

Haber's laboratory interests have focused on the area of cancer genetics, including the etiology of the pediatric kidney cancer Wilms tumor and genetic predisposition to breast cancer. Recently, his laboratory reported that lung cancers with activating mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) define a subset of "nonsmokers' lung cancer" that are uniquely sensitive to new targeted therapies that target this receptor (tyrosine kinase inhibitors including erlotinib (Tarceva) and gefitinib (Iressa)). This observation has had important implications for the genotype-directed treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, and more broadly for strategies to identify critical genetic lesions in cancers that may serve as an "Achilles heel" and be suitable for molecular targeting. In a collaboration with MGH bioengineering professor Dr. Mehmet Toner, Dr. Haber’s group has recently established the application of a novel microfluidic technology for quantifying and purifying rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from the blood of patients with various epithelial cancers. This new application has potentially profound implications for early diagnosis of cancer and for noninvasive molecular profiling of cancers during the course of therapy.


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