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Susan R. Rittling, PhD

Instructor, Department of Developmental Biology, Harvard School Of Dental Medicine

Associate Member of the Staff, Cytokine Biology, The Forsyth Institute

Contact Info

Susan Rittling
The Forsyth Institute
245 1st St
Cambridge, MA, 02142
Phone: 617-892-8450
Fax: 617-892-8303


Not Available.

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Immunology

Research Abstract

The major focus in my lab is the origin and development of mammary cancer in the mouse. To explore the early development of these cancers, we are analyzing the stem cell origin of carcinogen-induced mammary tumors, and the role of progesterone in enhancing tumorigenesis. We are also very interested in the process of metastasis of these cancers and have developed a series of transformed cell lines that form bone metastases in syngeneic mice. The two-way mechanisms of tumor- host interaction in these metastases is an area of major focus, especially in the bone microenvironment. Finally, we have a long-standing interest in the molecular mechanisms of osteopontin function, particularly in metastasis and bone resorption.


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