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Alan C. Geller, MPH, RN

Senior Lecturer, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School Of Public Health

Deputy Director, Public Health Practice, Harvard School Of Public Health

Contact Info

Alan Geller
Harvard School of Public Health
Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, 3rd Floor East
Boston, MA, 02215
Phone: 617-384-5449


Not Available.

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cutaneous Oncology and Melanoma

Research Abstract

The central goal of my melanoma research program is to reduce mortality via targeted early detection and screening of high-risk individuals. We currently have funded projects to: evaluate national sun protection programs in schools, determine the behavioral antecedents of early vs. late diagnosis of melanoma, develop educational programs to teach the skin cancer examination to physicians and medical students, explore the risk factors for early mole development among schoolchildren in Framingham MA, and evaluate communication patterns between patients with melanoma and their offspring. We are also exploring new grant opportunities with colleagues from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and aiming to establish a greater understanding of the biologic vs. behavioral antecedents for thick melanoma. Recently, we have become involved in the planning and evaluation of a major skin cancer screening trial throughout Germany.


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