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Thomas Darrah, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences, University Of Massachusetts - Boston

Contact Info

Thomas Darrah
The Ohio State University
School of Earth Sciences

Columbus, OH, 43210
Phone: 570-205-7533


Not Available.

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Cell Biology

DF/HCC Associations

Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Support

Lab Website

Darrah Lab Page

Research Abstract

In general, my research focuses on medical, environmental, and biometal chemistry utilizing elemental and isotopic mass spectrometric techniques traditionally rooted in geochemistry. My research interests focus on a fundamental understanding of the interactions between geological and anthropogenic contaminant materials in the environment and their bioincorporation and impact on human health. Specific, applications explore how metal composition has changed in the environment and in the body as anthropogenic metal use has changed over time. Additionally, my research focuses on the fate, transport, and bioincorporation of metals from metallodrug therapies, the potential impacts of metals and organo-metallic compounds on specific tissue reservoirs (e.g. bone), and the biokinetics and processes of metal transport from the mother to the placenta and fetus. These activities routinely include developing and validating inductively coupled plasma-MS (ICP-MS) instrumentation, compound specific (speciation) analysis (e.g., GC, IC, HPLC, laser ablation (LA), & cryogenic LA), and their respective methodologies. . Additionally, I run a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory for biometals analysis.


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