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Aditya Bardia, MD, MPH

Instructor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Assistant Physician, Medical Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact Info

Aditya Bardia
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit St
Boston, MA, 02114
Mailstop: Yawkey 9A
Phone: 617-643-0744
Fax: 617-643-0589


Barbara Lampkin
Medical Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Lawrence House, 10 North Grove St.
Boston, MA, 02114
Phone: 617-643-0744

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Epidemiology
Breast Cancer

Research Abstract

Aditya Bardia MD, MPH, completed his Internal Medicine residency training at Mayo Clinic and oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Dr. Bardia is interested in developing predictive biomarkers and algorithms to maximize efficacy and minimize harms of therapeutic agents and thus personalize therapies for breast cancer. This includes evaluation of large databases to identify potential biomarkers, as well as conduct of biomarker driven clinical trials to evaluate blood based biomarkers (such as circulating tumor cells) and tissue based biomarkers (such as gene signatures) to predict response (or lack thereof) of a particular chemotherapy or targeted therapy. Dr. Bardia is the recipient of Young Investigator Award from the ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation.


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