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Jeffrey A. Gelfand, MD

Professor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Physician, Infectious Disease Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact Info

Jeffrey Gelfand
Massachusetts General Hospital
Fruit Street
Boston, MA, 02114
Mailstop: GRJ-504
Phone: 617-726-1796
Fax: 617-726-7416


Not Available.

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Gynecologic Cancers
Cancer Immunology

Research Abstract

We have developed a novel approach for targeting (tumor) antigens whose sequence may not be known or structure even identified. We have linked scFV's to MycobacteriumTb HeatShockProtein 70, thus developing a novel fusion protein vaccine for presenting antigen to APCs in order to generate both a CD-4 and CD -8 response. The scFVs can be selected for their binding to an uncharacterized antigen or to a characterized antigen by binding studies, and the appropriate V-genes can then be selected. The scFV genes are fused to the gene for MTb HSP 70, and the new fusion gene is expressed as the fusion protein in E. coli. We have succeeded in generating a fusion vaccine targeting Folate Receptor-alpha, hyper-expressed in ovarian and many breast tumors.


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