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Kwok Kin Wong, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Instructor, Adult Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Contact Info

Kwok Kin Wong
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA, 02215
Phone not available.


Kristen Labbe
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Phone: 617-632-6036

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Lung Cancer
Cancer Genetics

Research Abstract

Our laboratory is building on the unique experimental attributes of the telomerase deficient mouse to develop a lung cancer model that is driven by mechanisms underlying the genesis of human lung cancer. A physiologic mouse model of lung cancer may be developed by exposing the telomerase deficient mice with shortened telomeres to chronic tobacco smoke: this will accelerate lung epithelial cell turnover and promote genome wide mutagenesis. Once validated, this model will be used to examine the role of telomerase activation during carcinogenesis, and as a tool for novel lung cancer gene discovery.


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