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Marc W. Kirschner, PhD

John Franklin Enders University Professor of Systems Biology, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Chair, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Contact Info

Marc Kirschner
Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA, 02115
Phone: 617-432-2250


Meghan Van Orden
Executive Coordinator
Harvard Medical School
Phone: 617-432-2230

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Cancer Cell Biology

Research Abstract

My research concerns the regulation of the cell cycle, the nature of hte cytoskeleton, and mechanisms of early vertebrate development. In particular we are concerned with the role of proteolysis in the exit from mitosis and the checkpoint mechanisms at work there. We are also concerned with the role of proteolysis during the G1 period. We have used Xenopus eggs and extracts to dissect these mechanisms biochemically. In addition we have been interested in understanding how actin assembly is regulated by signal transduction mechanisms. Finally, we are trying to understand the early signaling and patterning events of the frog embryo and how these events lead to the establishment of the vertebrate body plan.


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